New Health Platform Providing Employee Care Insights

A new health platform is facilitating organizations to care for their employees anytime, anywhere. 

FREMONT, CA: Crossover Health has launched a Connected System of Health that enables self-insured employers to deliver comprehensive primary care services alongside care management and coordination of secondary care, through a digital-first, national medical group. The main focal point of the Connected System of Health is to deliver affordable, higher quality, and best healthcare experience anytime and anywhere to a national population of members. This model can also be applied to any risk-bearing entity. Crossover Health, through its virtual channels, can bring people, their doctors, data, and advantages together under a single Connected System of Health.

Using authorized health data and sophisticated analytics to open care insights, Crossover Health helps in keeping populations healthy while staying ahead of chronic conditions, proactively reaching out to patients. The latest platform relies on a team of interdisciplinary providers, including comprehensive physical medicine, behavioral health, and health coaching services, to deliver personalized care across multiple channels.  

Crossover Platform is a proprietary combination of electronic health records, customer relationship management, secure messaging service, and project management tools that are crafted to meet the needs of the modern healthcare consumer. The company offers consulting services to ensure the effectiveness and deep integration of an enterprise's digital health and wellness solutions. These solutions will, in turn, create a seamless, coordinated experience for the employer and the patient members. 

Crossover Health designs and delivers a novel employee care experience for businesses, understanding the financial and cultural return of a motivated, healthful workforce. The company integrates advanced health management services and outstanding member experiences within its employee health benefits. Crossover Health works intimately with client partners to optimize the benefit design, personalizing its health services based on a review of health analytics, collaborating on delivering an inspired patient experience that helps engage people in their health. Crossover Health's novel model fuels a radical transformation in the costs and quality of care by inspiring and motivating people to stay healthy for long.