New Healthcare and IT/Tech AI Sourcing Solutions for Recruiters

A new Healthcare and IT/Tech AI Sourcing Solutions are enabling recruiters to solve recruitment complexities.

FREMONT, CA: "Hiretual’s AI sourcing for healthcare is a grounded version of a knowledge graph built for the healthcare industry. We developed a set of Natural Language Processing (NLP) models to generate healthcare labels that include these specializations, certificates, licenses, practice fields, and working experiences so that healthcare recruiters can quickly recommend the best-matched candidates to a particular role," says Xinwen Zhang, Chief Technology Officer/Co-Founder at Hiretual. Hiretual has launched Healthcare and IT/Tech AI Sourcing Solutions, the first-ever AI solution suite created for helping recruiters solve industry-specific problems. This solution is the key to overcome barriers in healthcare recruitment. The company uses personalized filters tailored to the skills and expertise of healthcare and technical candidates to deal with problems related to industry-specific platforms.

Recruiters can find more than 10 million healthcare professionals using Healthcare and IT/Tech AI Sourcing Solutions from targeted platforms, including the U.S. Boards of Nursing, RateMDs, Zocdoc, Healthgrades, and more."We recognized that there has been no dedicated sourcing tool for healthcare professionals in the market, besides some job boards that still use traditional skill and keyword-based searches for candidates. However, sourcing for healthcare professionals requires identifying specializations, certifications, and licenses, related education, training and practice fields - not just individual skills and keywords," adds Steven Jiang, CEO/Co-Founder at Hiretual.

Recruiters can fine-tune their quest for best-fit niche candidates by sorting filters from a selection of 700 plus medical specialties, certifications, license states, and skills or keywords. Hiretual's self-learning AI suggests related or similar terms for job titles and skill sets automatically. While sourcing, recruiters can also view a candidate's listed specialties, licenses, certifications, employment availability, and their average market value. To support the quality of sourced candidates via these solutions, the company has given its engagement features a full makeover. Recruiters can now enhance outreach with highly personalizable email sequence templates, candidate-focused email tracking, and engagement insights, predicting response rates, and offer engagement tips as recruiters craft their emails.

Hiretual is the most prescribed sourcing tool in the recruitment community. The company helps the hiring teams quickly screen, source, and initiate outreach to possible candidates. Hiretual sources from 40 plus platforms to expand the talent pool with 700M plus profiles. The company's AI-matching engine and ML algorithms learn a user's preference, delivering best-fit candidates tailored to the search criteria. The company holds the mission to revolutionize talent acquisition.