New Mobile App for Real-Time Emotional Support

A new smartphone-based app is helping people overcome anxiety, improving emotional wellness and offering real-time emotional support. 

FREMONT, CA: "In our current age of artificial connectedness through social media, we are finding that people are feeling more alone and isolated than ever," remarks Charlie Federman, Co-Founder of Therapeer. "This is causing a spike in feelings of anxiety in people of all ages, and sometimes they just need a safe, non-judgmental place to feel heard and to feel connected to someone." Therapeer, has unveiled a Peer-Led Mobile App, an innovative mobile app providing private, peer-to-peer virtual support to enhance emotional wellness. Users of Therapeer are entirely anonymous and are free to participate with instant, issue-based chat sittings. The new app is a safe place to discuss topics that might be too sensitive, too revealing or just too uncomfortable to talk anywhere else. It provides a safe place to transform one's struggles into strengths. 

Therapeer is designed in response to the increasing rise of anxiety and loneliness, showing alarmingly negative health impacts. Every virtual room focuses on a specific issue like depression, divorce, self-esteem, anxiety, parenting, and beyond. Therapeer discussion rooms are confined to 2-3 peers to create a protected and intimate discussion environment to help the host. "In the creation of Therapeer, we wanted anonymity and safety to be critical elements of the user experience," adds Charlie . "That is how the concept of the 'private rooms' emerged, which provide an opportunity for someone who is in need to receive emotional support from 2 or 3 empathetic peers who have struggled with the very same issues."

Therapeer is an innovative mobile app that offers peer-led emotional support sessions. Designed in response to the rise of anxiety and loneliness, the company is based on the idea of talking about anxiety issues by helping others as well, leading to a positive situation of mental health and wellness. Therapeer provides private, issue-based chat sittings hosted by someone in need among a small group of peers. Totally anonymous and free to participate, the Therapeer app provides real-time support from peers who share individual experiences, coping strategies providing a sense of community. 

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