New Personalized Health App for Healthier Lives

A new health management application is offering customized care and motivation plans, encouraging individuals to lead a better and healthier lifestyle.

FREMONT, CA: "Patients needed a more personalized and more accessible means of support, especially in terms of healthy eating and the impact that this and exercise has on their health. Both clinicians and patients agreed that patient education is vital, and welcomed our approach that delivers content most relevant to users without them having to search for it," says Laszlo Varga, CEO of ALSAD Medical. Offering customized, ongoing support for people with diabetes or kidney failure, based on the user's health data, ALSAD Medical has unveiled innovative applications for daily health monitoring. ALSAD Medical understands how thousands of people with chronic kidney failure, diabetes, and severe obesity may feel relieved if they find patient adherence, nutritional restrictions, or daily menu planning challenging to manage. With the number of doctors decreasing, technology can offer the solution. This is where ALSAD comes in.     

Laszlo adds, "Based on the results of an initial pilot in Hungary, we are now looking to take ALSAD to other markets internationally, globally supporting patient communities who are looking for help in managing conditions such as chronic kidney disease or diabetes." Diabetes and chronic kidney disease is a global health problem that is growing rapidly. Lifestyle, diet, activity level, and regular monitoring of health data are the key to avoid deterioration of health and maintaining the quality of life. This is where ALSAD helps patients personalize daily health management. AI and ML enable a 'the content finds the user' approach that customizes patient education and support. The user's health and personal data define the content and recommendations that they receive. By integrating personal health trackers, data can effortlessly add to configure the optimal recommendations for diet, exercise, and daily health management.

The patient data is analyzed, visualized, and, if required, it is shared with medical professionals for them to get a thorough view of the adherence level and patient's habits between two medical visits. ALSAD Medical believes in evidence-based, personalized health solutions, and patient education to support patient empowerment. 

ALSAD Medical is a new health management application that offers personalized advice, including AI-supported, wholly or partially auto-generated menu plans. The company combines and adjusts medical-best practice recommendations to the user's real condition and preference, using the users' continually monitored health data and personal, unique data features related to nutrition, physical activities, or age. ALSAD helps the medical community to overcome prevailing shortcomings of patient education that can be particularly severe in chronic conditions.