New Software Suite to Deliver Better Services to the Developmentally Challenged

Specialized software solutions for agencies working with intellectually or developmentally challenged people can make managing and communicating efficient and swift, enabling valuable services.

FREMONT, CA: Therap provides promising web-based developmental disability software services for documentation, reporting, and communication. Its highly useful tools in the Long-Term Services and Supports program assists clients to improve the quality of offerings and enhances accountability. It aids seamless communications between stakeholders at various levels and helps agencies and service providers carry out better reporting with its electronic health record system.

The company's platform ensures HIPAA compliance for its clients and allows them to communicate through messages with fellow agencies and individuals within its Secure Communication section. Therap has all the right measures in place to protect clients from confidentiality issues and ensures integrity and privacy of data whether the exchange is happening within an organization or happening in between two organizations. A high standard of protection allows mitigation of any risks associated with the technological capabilities that the platform delivers.

SComm module equips agencies with significant amounts of flexibility. On the platform, a user can sort through and select multiple recipients from a list categorized based on names, titles, roles, or other criteria. The facility to create groups to send messages is also available. Thus, an agency can have efficient communication and coordination by keeping staff members in the loop. The messages can be categorized into normal or priority, and their accessibility can be customized. While staff members can receive high priority messages right on their devices, for messages that carry confidential health information, staff members have to log into their dedicated portals.

Therap's offerings enable its clients to extend valuable support to people with developmental disabilities. The tools on the company's platform make the processes of documentation and coordination streamlined and secure. Users can conveniently add links and supporting documents that facilitate smooth operations. The platform is highly optimized, web-based and its software suite supports organizations in multiple ways.

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