New Telehealth Offering Delivering Exceptional Care

A new telehealth offering is delivering patients with quick access to medical services through video visit offerings.

FREMONT, CA: MinuteClinic, CVS Health's retail medical clinic, has launched a Video Visit offering in Colorado. People suffering from minor illnesses, minor injuries, and unfavorable skin conditions can now seek care through MinuteClinic Video Visits. The telehealth offering provides patients with access to care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from their mobile device or computer. The company continues to build its national practice for this virtual care service with a commitment to deliver high-quality care when and where patients need it at prices they can afford. MinuteClinic provides people who live and work in Colorado with access to an innovative, on-demand healthcare option from their computer or cell phone.    

MinuteClinic Video Visits are used to offer care for patients who are two years and older who seek treatment for a minor injury, minor illness, or a skin condition and are initiated via a computer or mobile device. It can also be obtained through the CVS Pharmacy app. Patients who choose to seek care through a MinuteClinic Video Visit encounter the same high-quality, evidence-based care they get at standard MinuteClinic locations inside select CVS Pharmacy and Target stores. Patients have to complete a health questionnaire and be matched to a board-certified health care provider licensed in their state while requesting a video visit.

Before the start of the video-enabled visit, the provider will review the completed questionnaire together with the patient's medical history. The provider assesses the patient's condition and decides the appropriate course of treatment during the MinuteClinic Video Visit, determining the proper course of treatment following evidence-based clinical care guidelines. The provider submits the prescription to the patient's preferred pharmacy for patients, necessitating prescription as part of their treatment plan. Patients who require primary care will be suggested as per the consultation. MinuteClinic Video Visits are made feasible through our collaborative work with Teladoc, a global leader in virtual care, and by harnessing Teladoc's tech platform. 

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