Notable Health Extends Platform Capabilities to Automate COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Workflows

For providers directly administering the vaccine, Notable increases their overall capacity to vaccinate more patients faster by screening for risk factors and collecting informed consent before a patient arrives onsite.

FREMONT, CA: Notable Health, the leading intelligent automation company for healthcare, has extended its platform capabilities to support automating COVID-19 vaccine administration workflows. US healthcare systems face a massive logistical challenge in identifying patients who meet state or federal criteria for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and engaging with these patients to schedule as effectively as possible. Health systems can now use Notable to automatically identify eligible patients and educate them on how to receive the vaccine. This enables health systems to support more rapid administration of vaccines to their patient population.

Notable's end-to-end platform automates hundreds of repetitive administrative and clinical workflows, such as patient outreach, clinical intake, documentation, and billing. Since the start of the pandemic, more than 280,000 automated COVID-19 pre-visit screenings have been performed using Notable's COVID Triage solution. More than 3,400 high-risk ambulatory patients were identified through Notable's platform and rerouted to the appropriate care modality, such as telehealth or urgent care. Now, the platform can be used to engage the right vaccine candidates at the right time proactively.

"There has never been a vaccination effort as accelerated or complex as this one. Demand for the COVID-19 vaccine is high but supply is limited, so precise health risk assessment will remain key to a successful roll out. Configurable technology solutions such as Notable can help providers automate and streamline complex workflows like vaccine administration, especially as supply begins to catch up with demand," said Muthu Alagappan, MD, medical director at Notable Health. "Intelligent automation can enable health systems to effectively support their communities, especially in the coming months as each state's unique needs evolve."

With Notable, providers can:

• Identify patients for vaccination based on risk factors and contraindications (i.e., "Are you currently pregnant?", "Do you have any of the following chronic health conditions?")

• Keep patients informed about when and where to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, such as designated administration sites' locations.

• Export vaccine administration records to the EHR so that providers can track which of their patients still need to be vaccinated.

• Remind patients when they are due for their second dose to ensure maximum vaccine efficacy.

Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and machine vision, Notable scans the EHR for unvaccinated patients that meet federal/CDC and state recommendations and configurable criteria such as age or comorbidities. Based on eligibility, Notable initiates a digital pre-visit screening, collects informed consent, and schedules necessary follow up appointments.

Because of its zero-interface integration, Notable's COVID-19 vaccine solution can be custom-configured and deployed in as little as four weeks.

"In order to mobilize a vaccination effort of this size, health systems will need to be proactive in identifying eligible patients and reaching out to them in a timely manner with information they can act on," says Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, Ph.D. Chair, Department of Medical Ethics, University of Pennsylvania; Member, Biden Transition COVID-19 Advisory Board; Strategic Advisor to Notable Health. "By leveraging intelligent automation to identify, outreach, educate and triage patients, health systems can develop efficient and equitable vaccine distribution workflows."