Orthopedic Surgeon Introduces Innovative Case Management Platform

CaseCTRL, a modern surgical case management platform, enables any surgical practice to allow artificial intelligence and automation to improve as well as accelerate surgical care delivery.

FREMONT, CA: Orthopedic surgeon Ashvin K. Dewan, MD, in partnership with veteran systems engineer Pamela Singh and software expert SaachiRoye, declared the launch of CaseCTRL, a modern surgical case management platform that allow any surgical practice to utilize artificial intelligence and automation to improve as well as accelerate surgical care delivery.

CaseCTRL is the brainchild of Dr. Dewan. "Every year, millions of dollars are lost due to administrative waste with case scheduling," he said. "Surgeons have grown complacent, following low-tech processes to support their high-tech surgery. This contributes to mismanaged caseloads and preventable cancellations. We designed CaseCTRL to empower everyone in the surgical chain of command and eliminate inefficiencies."

At the heart of CaseCTRL is Case Builder. Utilizing artificially intelligent algorithms, a surgeon can create a case within seconds. The platform's HIPAA-compliant Repository then references the surgeon's case preferences and spreads the information immediately to appropriate stakeholders, eliminating surgeon dependency. The platform's Risk Analyzer decision support tool evaluates patient/case risk factors and generates actionable feedback to eliminate complications. Automatic notifications, including a virtual patient guide, further improve care coordination, liberating the scheduler from time-absorbing tasks.

Since CaseCTRL tracks and also audits every step of surgical coordination, scheduling responsibilities are reliably assigned across multiple persons. During the pandemic, where cases are constantly rescheduled and personnel may need to unexpectedly quarantine or share work, this transparency is even more important for business continuity.

"CaseCTRL is designed to optimize and supercharge scheduling," said Dewan says. "What's different about our platform is that it tackles scheduling where the surgical journey begins: in the clinic with the patient. From there, CaseCTRL delivers end-to-end support of the entire surgical process, even nurturing undecided surgical candidates, ultimately delivering a significant boost to the bottom line."