Paige Attains another Funding Round from Goldman Sachs

Paige receives additional investment from Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division

Fremont, CA: Paige, a globally renowned computational pathology leader that is transforming the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, collects another round of additional funding from Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division. The latest funding will be added to the recently acquired Series B financing round. Paige will utilize the new inflow of capital to develop further the company's diagnostic and test products for the biopharma industry. It will also focus on strengthening its leadership position in the field of clinical AI for pathologists and the development of the Paige platform for its remote usage and viewing and routine clinical practice. 

Along with the funds, Paige has also added David Castelblanco, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, as one of its Board of Directors. David brings Paige a wealth of knowledge and experience as an investor and a board member working to cure cancer with the leading cancer treatment center all over the world. 

"We look forward to supporting the Company's important mission of improving cancer care through its AI technology."

"We're thrilled to be working with David Castelblanco and the team at Goldman Sachs as we build our platform and further develop our computational pathology infrastructure," said Leo Grady, CEO at Paige. "With our new funding and leadership additions, we'll focus on building network effects based on our clinical-grade digital pathology and AI platform."

"Paige is transforming pathology and translational research in the cancer field and is working closely with biopharma companies to create custom diagnostic solutions and drug development technologies to improve patient care," said David Castelblanco. "We look forward to supporting the Company's important mission of improving cancer care through its AI technology."

Paige will focus on its mission to accelerate the transformation of pathology by reforming the cancer research with cutting edge solutions that will assist physicians and patients in arriving at an accurate diagnosis faster and in a much cost-effective method. 

"Paige's leadership is doing a fantastic job in building a stellar team and seizing opportunities in this exciting market," said Jim Breyer, founder, and CEO of Breyer Capital, who invested in both series A and B for the company.

The recent milestones of Paige include the appointment of R. Martin Chavez, a former Goldman Sachs executive to the board, and a partnership with Invicro LLC, a Konica Minolta company, to avail integrated pathology solutions to support pharmaceutical and biotechnology sponsors with their drug discovery and initiatives o development. 

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