Pinpoint Therapeutics Bags $1M to Enable Drugging Autophagy

Pinpoint Therapeutics has raised $1 million to develop a new approach to drugging autophagy.

FREMONT, CA: A privately-held biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel autophagy inhibitors to treat cancer, Pinpoint Therapeutics, Inc. has secured $1 million via debt financing led by Kairos Ventures of Beverly Hills, California. Pinpoint was founded with the idea of establishing new autophagy inhibitors for cancer treatments. Autophagy is an established mechanism of cancer cell survival and drug resistance. The company's novel compounds target a recently discovered enzyme in the autophagy pathway called PPT1. PPT1 is highly expressed across most cancers. These inhibitors can be applied to a broad range of cancers alone or in combination with other treatments to overcome therapy resistance. 

With the received investment, Pinpoint will develop first-in-class autophagy inhibitors into clinical drugs for testing in a range of treatment-refractory cancers. The financing will enable the company to create a new approach to drugging autophagy, which until now seemed difficult to target in cancer. Pinpoint has developed high-level compounds with unprecedented therapeutic potential. Pinpoint is thrilled to have received funding from Kairos Ventures. Even the investors are excited to support Pinpoint's efforts to develop novel drug candidates for the treatment of colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, melanoma, and other significant unmet needs in oncology.

Pinpoint Therapeutics is a preclinical stage organization that develops novel cancer treatment options aimed at key cell survival and treatment resistance pathway in cancer. The company's methods of acquiring top talent depend on the industry contacts and developed a talent pool of qualified experts to offer resumes and insightful, consultative information about the market in general. At Pinpoint Therapeutics, every business opportunity is treated as a personalized solution designed to fit its clients' and consultant's individual specifications.