Precision Health App Helping Users Adopt Proven Health Behaviors

Use of mobile technology and health apps by patients and providers alike is rapidly increasing and is actively impacting the medical industry by assisting in providing emergency care, diagnosing diseases, and improving health behaviors.  

FREMONT, CA: LifeOmic, delivering progressive solutions to healthcare providers, releases its latest precision health app, LIFE Extend. This new app navigates users in adopting five 'pillars of health' that are scientifically demonstrated to fight chronic diseases of aging and increase lifespan. The five components include physical activity, nutrition, mindfulness, sleep, and intermittent fasting.

LIFE Extend also gamifies the five pillars in enabling users to earn LIFE Points by tracking their healthy behaviors. Users can redeem LIFE Points for rewards from a wide array of participating partners and also create social circles to encourage and drive positive behavioral change. The platform not only guides users toward adopting proven health behaviors but helps them measure the results down at the molecular level.

From mobile phone to wearable health-related devices, health apps (mHealth) are being utilized more than ever before. They are rapidly transforming the way health services and information are accessed, delivered, and managed. Thanks to sophistication in mobile technology, as healthcare apps can offer remarkable opportunities to improve health, safety, and preparedness to common illnesses.

LIFE Extend uses the artificial intelligence capabilities of LifeOmic's Precision Health Cloud. Users can store a variety of health information, including electronic medical records in this platform. This information used, along with data from fitness trackers and other wireless devices, can make personalized recommendations based on each user's specific behaviors. LIFE Extend also assists health care providers, clinicians, and researchers to encourage users to participate in research and clinical studies while securely storing data into LifeOmic's Precision Health Cloud. Integrations with wearables, genetic testing, biomarker testing labs, and medical records offer users a holistic view of their health in a single platform

LifeOmic is a software company that harnesses the cloud, machine learning, and mobile device capabilities to deliver solutions to care, providers, researchers, health IT companies, and patients.

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