PursueCare Announces Partnership with Thrive Peer Support

Throughout the course of care, Thrive staff collaborates with PursueCare's treatment team to address in-person needs that arise and ensure that overall personal and health goals are met. They feel they can better manage substance use in the region, which has surged due to COVID-19, by working together.

Fremont, CA: PursueCare and Thrive Peer Support announced that they have partnered and have launched statewide collaborative peer support and Substance Use Disorder treatment model across the state of Ohio. This collaboration promotes a seamless pathway from Thrive's specialized in-person peer support to PursueCare's comprehensive telehealth clinical addiction and behavioral health treatment, one that can be initiated at emergency rooms and other settings that are under mounting pressure due to COVID-19 and increasing overdose rates.

Thrive is a recovery support organization that sends certified peer recovery coaches into emergency room settings to help individuals who have experienced an overdose or substance-related emergency. Their services often help individuals overcome barriers like transportation, homelessness, stigma, and trauma. Thrive's peers frequently refer individuals to outpatient Medication-Assisted Treatment ("MAT") and other treatment programs, but COVID-19 has presented numerous challenges where access to in-person care was already scarce.

PursueCare is a technology-enabled addiction treatment and mental health treatment provider that offers its care through a digital platform accessible from mobile devices. The telehealth modality has effectively delivered MAT, psychiatry, counseling, at-home lab testing, and pharmacy services conveniently and privately. The program allows patients to meet frequently with their doctors and counselors anywhere, including nights and weekends, to complete their individualized recovery programs.

While the telehealth model was emerging before the pandemic, it has proven essential for specific populations experiencing isolation or who do not have in-person care readily available in their community. "If there could be any positive drawn at all from COVID-19, it would be that telehealth has finally broken through as a real option for people who historically haven't been able to get effective treatment in traditional brick-and-mortar settings," said Nick Mercadante, PursueCare's Founder and CEO. "When it comes to Substance Use Disorder, there's no question that COVID-19 poured gasoline on an already burning fire. Evidence is showing us that our programs are helping many people in need," Mercadante added.

Both organizations have several established partnerships with traditional health care settings that frequently diagnose Substance Use Disorder or treat overdoses, so this collaboration was a natural fit. It will effectively enhance the resources offered to patients in those settings that often lack effective interventive solutions.

While Thrive focuses on non-clinical support from a peer-to-peer standpoint, those in need of substance use disorder treatment and mental health care transition into PursueCare's digital treatment portal. PursueCare's care coordination experts then introduce the virtual treatment model to patients, connect them with clinicians that can prescribe FDA-approved medications, and establish an ongoing at-home care regimen.

"Thrive exists to provide peer support to people on their recovery journey. By partnering with PursueCare, we can meet the growing need for addiction and mental health services through a technology that keeps our clients and our peer support staff safe," said Brian Bailys, CEO, Thrive Peer Support.