Remote Glucose Level Monitoring Capabilities for Diabetic Patients - Now in Market!

Medical technology devices are now enabling parents to monitor blood glucose levels of their school-going children instantaneously.

FREMONT, CA: Ambrosia Systems, the medical technology company, has launched the new version of NightRider BluCon that enables continuous glucose monitoring service. This new update, in favor of parents, provides a range of use cases and features to monitor the blood sugar level in children having Type 1 diabetes. Previously, children had to carry phones with them to allow parents to monitor glucose level. Now, the same facilities will be available even on Apple Watches.  

Carrying a phone is not always convenient for children. For school-going children, there are restrictions about carrying phones. This used to be a great limitation for parents and diabetic children. Ambrosia has now successfully found the alternative that works with the help of a much more convenient and portable device- Watches. Using the FreeStyle Libre and Libre Pro sensors in watches, it is possible to take and display glucose readings every five minutes.

Initially, the Ambrosia's NightRider and LinkBluCon app have to be installed on the phone. Subsequently, users can change the mode to Apple Watch on the settings of LinkBluCon app. Thus, the glucose reading will then be displayed on the smartwatch, without the phone. If the watch is connected to the internet, parents can install FollowBluCon app on their phone and set it up to access the glucose readings being produced on the watch.

A leading and innovative medical technology company, Ambrosia Systems designs and builds solutions for patients and caregivers. Its devices assist in reading communication tags and transmit them to personal mobile devices that are connected via the internet or Bluetooth. The company's diabetes monitoring capabilities provide respite to many diabetes patients all over the world by eliminating the need for finger pricks or scanning sensors. The offerings from the company significantly enhance monitoring and treatment, making patient lifestyles better.

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