Technology Makes Way for Oncology Care Advancement

New approaches to oncology management drive patient care to another new level by identifying the patient's genomic variants and the therapeutic options specific to their molecular and clinical profile. 

FREMONT, CA: Sources revealed that every year around 1.5 million people are diagnosed with cancer in the U.S., deciding on a course of care. Healthcare institutions are looking forward to a new and transformed oncology care landscape. Many patients diagnosed with late-stage cancers can benefit from advanced genomic testing, yet very few suitable patients at present receive this testing. Without access to testing, patients are held on starting the most suitable treatment, resulting in cancer progression and higher costs. Healthcare institutions are making great paces in improving patient care, providing to the advantages of genomic testing to these efforts. 

Advanced oncology care includes precision medicine strategy, increasing access to comprehensive-panel gene sequencing tests for patients diagnosed with specific advanced-stage cancers. These comprehensive-panel tests classify a patient's genomic alternatives and the therapeutic options precise to their molecular and clinical profile. Proper timing in cancer care is crucial, and when a patient does not get started on the proper treatment, it can result in progression and more expensive costs. Healthcare institutions are working laboriously to make the most in making the precision medicine accessible to more patients and further empower informed treatment decision-making based on a patient's genetic profile to give them the best opportunity for successful treatment and enhanced quality-of-life. 

Tech-driven oncology treatment modules are sure to enhance the patient's access to screenings and prevention services offered healthcare centers, along with value-added offerings that assure high-quality care and lower costs.  

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