Teeth Straightening Made Easy with 3D-Printed Custom Clear Aligners

3D printing, the recent entrant in orthodontic care, is giving care providers the ability to make in-house custom clear aligners.

FREMONT, CA: Bellevue Orthodontics, a leading provider of best possible orthodontic care, launches same-day clear aligners based on 3D printing technology. With this, patients can get clear aligners on their first appointment, without having to wait much. The team at Bellevue uses 3D scanning and 3D printing technology to create an unmatched patient experience.

Bellevue Orthodontics’3D printed clear aligners offer many advantages, including lower cost, same-day replacements, improved compatibility, and reduced environmental impacts. 3D digital scanners do exactly what traditional molds did, but more positively by eliminating lousy taste, gagging, mess, and the anxiety, that many patients experience. 3D scans are accurate and less prone to errors, and molds can be printed over and over without having to rescan the teeth.

By controlling the time taken for the process of creating 3D printed molds, the patients do not have to wait for weeks to get their clear aligners.   

The orthodontic experience of medical practitioners, in combination with the industry’s cutting edge technology, allows Bellevue Orthodontics to achieve the best treatment outcome possible in a minimum amount of time. The company’s orthodontists are experts in custom orthodontic systems and custom braces and can provide patients with excellent orthodontic treatment options.