Tekni-Plex Launches New Pentafill L + Fill Bench-top Vial filling

Tekni-Plex healthcare packaging businesses include Tekni-Plex Flexibles, Tekni-Films, Lameplast, LF of America, and Beyers Plastics.

FREMONT, CA: Tekni-Plex introduced a new Pentafill L + Fill bench-top vial filling and sealing machine suitable for lab research and small quantity start-up production. The new bench-top machine is said to add filling capability to the Pentafill L unit designed to seal only the vials.

Tekni-Plex has developed the new bench-top vial filling and sealing machine to accommodate five-unit strips of 0.33, 0.6, 1, 3, 5, and 10ml plastic vials. These vials are made from PE, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, and EVOH barrier materials.

An operator will load the five-unit strips into a holder to execute a fill or seal, and later they will be manually inserted into the machine. Followed by manual removal of the holder, the vials are filled and sealed automatically.

The Pentafil L + Fill machine enables to mimic the results of a full-scale production machine through a compact and bench-top unit.

The new bench-top machine is provided with a heating head, cold-molding pliers, and sealer as well and includes interchangeable holders for different vial capacities and simple external controls to execute the fill or seal.

The Pentafil L + Fill machine is supplied by Tekni-Plex’s LF of America business in the US and its Lameplast operations in Europe.

Tekni-Plex healthcare packaging marketing and strategy global senior director Melissa Green said: “Up until now, pharmaceutical companies and labs had to manually fill small-scale production vials before inserting them into the machine for sealing.

“This resulted in fills that were frequently imprecise and therefore not ideal for lab research or therapeutic use. To help eliminate that issue, our customers asked us to create a unit that would provide precision fills, each and every time.”

The businesses manufacture flexible packaging for the medical device and pharmaceutical markets through nine manufacturing plants in North America and Europe.

Tekni-Plex supplies a range of sterilizable packaging substrates such as thermoformable medical tray films, coated and uncoated Tyvek, heat, and cold-seal coated paper and films, medical-grade laminates, die-cut lids, labels and cleanroom bags for medical device businesses. The company provides blister films and foil, film and paper laminates, unit- and multi-dose containers for pharmaceutical applications.