Telememory Unveils AI-Based Digital Reminiscence Pilot

Launching a pilot with Delmar Gardens will provide Telememory the access to their deep domain expertise on Memory Care.

FREMONT, CA: Telememory, a telehealth startup based in Kansas City that uses AI-based digital reminiscence technology to share memories and track emotional responses to enhance happiness and health, announced an Alpha testing program with Delmar Gardens Enterprises. The month-long program seeks to connect memory care patients and families to their legacies while promoting the patients' psychological health and well-being.

"Stimulating long-term memory recall, keeping people connected to their legacies by way of emotionally engaging and informative digital experiences has a significant impact on everyone," said Eliot Arnold, CEO of Telememory. "We are helping families collect, curate and reminisce together privately and securely with our next-generation software."

During the program with Delmar Gardens, Telememory will specifically implement Reminisce+ technology that:

• Curates personalized content including video, music, art, images purpose-built for invoking long term memory recall, emotional responses, and information sharing

• Collects vital information about a patient's life through a digital biography process

• Allows families to stream and share content via narrowcasting and telepresence technology like Apple FaceTime

• Analyzes emotional and biometric responses to the memories to gauge recall

• Provides content recommendations and alerts based on responses

The patent-pending technology is unique in providing a digital means of re-living experiences with friends and family remotely while also measuring memory recollection and overall engagement. Launching a pilot with Delmar Gardens gives Telememory access to their deep domain expertise on Memory Care. It is a crucial step in understanding patient and family needs, as well as beginning to understand how to measure the beneficial effects of digital reminiscence objectively.

"COVID-19 has accelerated the need for more telehealth solutions that connect family and friends to our residents." said Kathy Gilmore, Senior Vice President of Delmar Gardens Enterprises. "We pride ourselves on offering the latest and greatest technology to help our residents stay happy, healthy and engaged. Telememory is developing a groundbreaking solution that may be able to offer non-pharmacological means of improving mood, reducing anxiety and feelings of isolation."

Findings and feedback from the program will be incorporated into Telememory's beta features. Telememory's product also allows caregivers to scale these therapeutic solutions across more patients without increasing the cost of care.