Text to Pay Restyling Payment in Healthcare

A new payment solution enables patients to make payments securely through mere text.

FREMONT, CA: An end-to-end integrated payments and security software provider, Sphere, has collaborated with VisitPay to unveil Text to Pay solution. The new solution will deliver healthcare providers with the ability to offer and accept patients' payments securely through text messages. Text to Pay integrates the company's payment platform with VisitPay's patient-centric expertise. This integration facilitates health systems to take payments over SMS text without exposing any sensitive card or patient information. Text to Pay utilizes a card token already collected from the patient, letting customers pay single visits or multiple visits at a time, using debit or credit card, or ACH.

Sphere's and VisitPay's collaboration will help health systems offer convenient and secure payment channels to their patients. VisitPay's mobile access platform, either way, exceeds traditional desktop usage in some regions of the US. Text to Pay is a pivotal solution for health systems looking to meet consumers where they are, without disrupting the core EMR environment. Patients also look forward to mobile payment solutions, and it is of utmost importance that healthcare financial leaders meet consumer expectations for the contemporary financial experience. Text to Pay is innovative payment processing that improves payment accuracy and timeliness. The solution eliminates paper, reduces late or missed payments, and provides security for customers with a simple SMS payment system.

Sphere is a software and financial technology organization providing solutions that integrate payments and software to help businesses of all sizes, from large, complicated healthcare enterprises to merchants across a range of verticals, comprising education, transportation, and insurance. Sphere is revolutionizing the transaction process with simple and secure commerce solutions that work within existing core business systems to optimize workflow, save time, and mitigate costs. Sphere technology, which includes a payment gateway, security software, and merchant software services, enables clients to process highly secure and compliant transactions.