Top 3 Benefits of Integrating EHR into Medical Billing

For today’s healthcare providers, it has become instrumentally essential to go for a billing-friendly EHR solution.

FREMONT, CA: Traditionally, medical billing has been a frustrating and time-consuming reality of the clinical practice. A significant amount of resources and a massive amount of paperwork is required for medical billing. Medical care providers are in search of technologies that can ease this task of medical billing, and that is where the importance of Electronic Health Record (EHR) comes in. The integration of EHR into medical billing is a change that comes with many benefits. Here are some of them.     

• Reduced Data Entry

Manually entering data into an electronic system can be frustrating. The integration of EHR and medical billing cuts this work by half. When they are fully integrated, billing assistants do not need to double enter the data of the patient in the EHR and billing system. Providers can fetch or swipe information between all integrated systems to reduce data entry troubles and the risk of human error.

• Smooth Information Flow

An integrated EHR and billing system improves the communication between the internal systems of the practice and creates a smooth channel for information flow between the practice management system and EHR. Once the patient data is uploaded, providers can seamlessly access or transfer this data between systems t reduce the administrative burden and improve work efficiency.

• Transparency

An integrated EHR and medical billing system empower providers with a transparent workflow. Providers can easily track the total number of patients, submitted claims, paid claims, non-paid claims, non-submitted claims, and other receivables at a single place. This transparent workflow helps providers to identify the areas that require immediate attention easily. Also, the EHR software seamlessly integrates with the billing system to submit cleaner claims and schedule appointments more efficiently.

An increased number of healthcare professionals realize that the use of EHR in the medical billing system can streamline their work processes. Integrating EHR into medical billing can surely change the face of the medical industry.

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