Unified Communication: Redesigning Healthcare Approaches, Fostering Medical Advantages

Improved communication facilities boost the potential of real-time treatments and diagnostics with precise and overall information on patient health conditions.  

FREMONT, CA: Unified Communications (UC), an integrated communication and collaboration technology is transforming the ways of the medical industry to improve patient care and professional’s productivity. From business communications to the medical advantages, UC helps the relevant organizations to communicate and collaborate. The integration of various real-time tools and high connective facilities allow covering a wide range of communication modes depending on the effectiveness. The technology enables the administrations, clinicians, and patients to communicate anytime, anywhere. 

• Team Efforts

Implementing the unified communication platforms in the healthcare organizations, allow the doctors, nurses, and other staff members to connect in the real-time and collect necessary updates on patient case and situation. Perfect solution through the mail, chat/IM, messaging, presence, or voice/video/web conferencing, offer overall productivity by giving quality care as quickly as possible. It frames an open line of communication across the facility with efficient interoperability in the organization. The excellent solution to improve team communication can prevent any issues from arising and managing the workflow and processes.

• Expert Collaborations and Access

Unified communications allow seamless collaborations with the other experts and specialists on a patient case and provide the best care and outcomes. Regardless of the physical locations of the experts, UC brings the patient and expert care together with simultaneous consultations. Features such as voice, video and web conferences, and real-time patient report sharing through secure web portals are majorly optimized for mobile devices, creating a simple and safe environment for doctors, specialists, and patients to collaborate. UC helps the medical professionals to access the latest studies, content, and innovations related to their specialty from other health providers, which leads to improved patient care. Clear communication between health providers can improve discussion on patient information, efficiencies in communication between nurses, and many possibilities for the medical industry.

• Instant Medical Healthcare

Advancements in mobile applications encourage health care and many medical technology industries to frame a unified communication structure. Today, medical professionals through secure medical mobile apps quickly evaluate and diagnose patient issues such as colds, burns, infection, rashes, etc. It also allows the patient to update their records, upload photos, instant messaging, and video conferencing with the doctors for remote care. It significantly eliminates the appointment need for patients, living in isolated regions, away from home, and so on. Conference facilities in real-time and pre-recorded demonstrations allow the patients in situations like rehab or similar to review and follow step-by-step instructions from the comfort of home. The instant virtual answers satisfy the patients’ queries and concerns, save money of hospital and clinical bills, and also the time in traveling.

• Patient Updates

Secured medical portals not only unify communication facilities but also include patient’s past and current health histories, current and archived test results, and other health-related factors in a single platform. The overall data management facility helps the doctors, patients, and consultants to access reports for comprehensive care easily. It frames to be a vast improvement over paper files, which always have the chances of facing loss and damages in essential documents. Unified communication can boost the engagement of medical professionals, allowing them to send text reminders for appointments, secure mail link for test results, refill prescriptions, update patient charts, and more.

Unified communications are rapidly changing traditional communication technology and enhancing the quality of care with improved collaborations between medical professionals. Better and more patient convenient service through mobile apps and tools help the medical organizations to improvise their workflows and system and maximize their time with patients and overall productivity.  

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