Validic Launches HealthBridge to Connect Patients' Heath Data to Healthcare Providers

Validic's scalable, secure solutions help improve operational efficiency and health outcomes by delivering data from hundreds of home health devices seamlessly into existing clinical workflows.

FREMONT, CA: Validic, provider of the industry's leading health data platform and solutions for scaling remote patient monitoring (RPM), released HealthBridge, a mobile application for connecting patients’ personal health data to their healthcare providers.

The app allows patients to connect their home-use medical device(s) to their provider's RPM program. The app is exclusively for participants of a Validic Impact RPM program.

With the app, program participants can passively collect their physiological health data via Bluetooth devices. As new data is captured on their health device, it is automatically uploaded to the app and shared with their provider, allowing care teams to have near real-time visibility into a person's health status.

If the participant's reading requires follow-up, such as if blood glucose values are high for several days, an alert will be triggered in the Validic Impact RPM system notifying the clinician, care manager, or patient to take further action.

The application provides a foundational element to the Validic Impact RPM technology, which is the patient experience. This component offers patients a tool to manage their health devices, personal health data, and involvement in their RPM program, helping them stay engaged, informed, and consistent in the monitoring of their condition.

"Historically, Validic has operated behind-the-scenes to help healthcare organizations access and integrate their populations' health data," Brian Carter, SVP of Product, said. "However, as organizations are moving quickly to launch and scale their virtual care programs, the need for end-to-end solutions to serve as a starting point are necessary."

Built with the Validic Mobile Software Development Kits (SDKs), HealthBridge offers providers a dedicated app for their patients to collect and share personal health data. With the recent releases of HealthBridge and Validic Impact: Rapid Deployment, Validic now offers end-to-end RPM solutions, in addition to its fully integrated offerings allowing healthcare organizations to quickly deploy and easily scale RPM programs.

Validic Impact was and is designed with integration in mind. Unlike most RPM solutions that can only exist outside the clinical workflow, Validic's RPM offerings can be deployed rapidly as a complete, turnkey solution with no technical implementation requirements. For organizations in need of or ready for a fully integrated experience, the same solution can be built into the clinical workflow on day one, combined with the EHR, video visits, chat, messaging, and patient apps.

For patients, HealthBridge offers a simple means for passively collecting, viewing, and sharing their home health information with their provider. It provides the needed dashboards to help patients see, at-a-glance, how they are doing compared to the program's goals, how their data trends up, down, or remains flat over time; and how various life-events may have affected a particular day's results. With this powerful insight, patients and care teams can use these continuous data to inform treatment, care plans, and lifestyle adjustments.