VercSci Concludes Successful Year with Extensive Hiring and Expanded Service Offerings

VeraSci expects growth to continue into 2021, having recently been awarded several large phase 3 clinical trials. They are actively recruiting for several open positions to support this growth. Additionally, VeraSci has plans to launch new technology products in the first half of 2021.

Fremont, CA: VeraSci, a global clinical research company offering eClinical software, translation services, and expertise in endpoints and assessments, concludes a successful year marked by extensive hiring and expanded service offerings. This growth has allowed the company to successfully take on an increasing number of large, global clinical trials. VeraSci has hired 49 new employees in 2020 and added capabilities in remote clinical trials, placebo response mitigation, and wearable devices

2020 has been a challenging year for companies that provide products and services for clinical trials as COVID-19 delayed or canceled many studies. VeraSci credits its continued success to having quickly adapted to implement remote assessment methods and revise standard procedures to allow the safe collection of data. These new innovative solutions prevented delays and cancellations and allowed studies to proceed without missing data.

According to VeraSci CEO Dr. Rich Keefe, "We were able to present our clients with solutions that enabled critical research to continue. Through our expertise and adaptability, we have met the unique challenges that COVID-19 presented for our industry."

"We are proud of our accomplishments this year and believe they position us well for future success," says VeraSci President Caren Gadigian, "Growing our talent pool and expanding our capabilities allows us to take on larger projects with an extended global reach while maintaining the level of quality and service our clients expect."