Vivalink Unveils Real-World Evidence Data Platform to Power Virtual Patient Care and Decentralized Clinical Trials

Vivalink Unveils Real-World Evidence Data Platform to Power Virtual Patient Care and Decentralized Clinical Trials

The End-to-End Biometrics Data Platform speeds up the creation of virtual healthcare applications.

 FREMONT, CA: Vivalink, a leading provider of real-world evidence data digital healthcare solutions, released its improved Biometrics Data Platform, which will speed the development and implementation of patient monitoring and data analysis apps for ambulatory and distant settings. The Biometrics Data Platform from Vivalink completes the company's end-to-end offering, which comprises sophisticated data services and medical wearable sensors.

Vivalink's integrated Biometrics Data Platform, the first real-world evidence data platform of its type, is now accessible as a data and insights service platform for digital healthcare solution providers serving the virtual care and drug development sectors. In addition, the platform can reduce time-to-market by eliminating the effect and regulatory difficulties associated with wearable sensors, edge networks, data integration, and data analytics.

The Biometrics Data Platform integrates Vivalink's best-in-class medical wearable sensors, a clinical patient mobile app, sophisticated data processing, and machine learning technologies to gather continuous and episodic data. It can collect a continuous stream of vital signs and biometrics in real-world settings, such as when a patient is at home or ambulatory, and ensure that data is delivered successfully from any location for centralized analysis and processing, allowing clinically relevant insights to get extracted in real-time or retrospectively.

The platform's patient-friendly sensors have received regulatory approval in key geographic locations such as the United States, the European Union, and China. With freshly upgraded temperature and multi-vital cardiac ECG sensors that have enhanced usability with expanded data cache, greater battery life, and more vital network connectivity, Vivalink has the broadest variety of reusable sensors for human robust sign monitoring. They created these changes based on their years of expertise with real-world patient applications. In addition, the Vivalink data platform complies with HIPAA and GDPR, as well as FDA Design Controls, ISO 13485, IEC 62304, and ISO 14971 standards.

The Vivalink technology has widespread use in ambulatory cardiac monitoring, virtual care, and decentralized clinical trials. This platform is helpful by more than 100 digital healthcare solution partners and clients in 25 countries to offer a wide range of medical applications. In addition, clinical research projects at prominent universities have used the Biometrics Data Platform, including a 3,000-patient atrial fibrillation study at UCSF and the impact of stress on teenage depression at Stanford University.