Wearable Tech Innovation to Bid Insomnia a Goodbye

The new wearable technology innovation is helping insomniacs calm their racing minds and get proper sleep.

FREMONT, CA: Ebb Therapeutics, has introduced a wearable device with proprietary technology to help customers manage sleeplessness. The company aims to make an impact in both the professional healthcare and consumer sleep markets with its proprietary technology that targets the root cause of insomnia: a racing or overactive mind. Studies revealed that the reduction in metabolic activity in the frontal cortex is the key to the therapeutic properties of sleep. While hyperarousal is often associated with clinical complaints of not being able to turn off one's mind when trying to sleep. It is a known reality that lack of sleep can have a dire effect on one's ability to function mentally, emotionally, and physically. It is essential to innovate in this space to offer safe, drug-free solutions that work.

Ebb Therapeutics is an innovative and only sleep solution using PrecisionCool technology for precise cooling to mitigate metabolic activity in the frontal cortex. A scientifically-engineered, fluid-filled headband wraps around the head softly and cools the forehead using an intelligent cooling algorithm to maintain an optimal temperature range throughout the night. With the brain activity declining, the mind gets calmer, enabling the user to fall into a deeper, more restorative sleep. The company is proud to be able to provide a product that is backed by decades of science, has been clinically tested for efficacy, and is entirely safe.

Ebb Therapeutics is a privately-held, Pittsburgh-based company developing regional cerebral thermal therapy device for use in insomnia and sleep disorders. The company is the leading, drug-free, and smart-technology innovation, tailoring a proprietary cooling ComfortBand to trigger a neural network response in the brain naturally, which calms the racing mind and helps users fall asleep faster and sleep better through the night.