XenZone Appoints Tim Barker as CEO

XenZone has appointed Tim Barker as its new CEO, envisioning service excellence.

FREMONT, CA: The UK's largest provider of online mental health services - including the renowned Kooth service for children and young people, XenZone, has appointed Tim Barker as the new Chief Executive Officer. XenZone aims to make mental health support accessible to everyone as a leader in digital mental healthcare. The company aims to take people on a customised journey to wellbeing via clinically-proven digital self-help, online peer support, and 1:1 counselling.    

"The opportunity XenZone has presented me with is exciting as it is important. Fast, easy access to mental health services for all feels more urgent than ever, with consistently growing demand. I'll be working closely with our research and clinical teams to utilise the incredible research and data the company has collected over the last two decades to continue to grow the company in the UK and beyond. I look forward to bringing my background in scaling up innovative tech business and conducting data-driven business to XenZone, with the look to provide individuals with a personalised journey to wellbeing, ensuring they are getting the support that's right for them," says Tim Barker, CEO of XenZone.

Tim Barker had previously served as the CEO of DataSift, a social data and AI platform, and before that, he worked for five years at Salesforce in marketing, strategy, and product leadership roles following its acquisition of his prior business. XenZone is thrilled to have Barker join the organisation as he will bring incredible experience and perspective to the company. He has established start-ups and scaled-up organisations and is a visionary team player, embodying the leadership qualities needed for this critical role.

XenZone is the UK's biggest digital mental healthcare provider. The company gives access to a team of experts, experienced counsellors who are available for one to one counselling. XenZone offers online mental health and wellbeing services to young people, children, students, and adults.