3 Advantages of a Single Patient Engagement Solution

A single patient engagement solution improves healthcare’s operation while streamlining organization-patient communication.

FREMONT, CA: With the emergence of technologies such as the internet of things (IoT), the healthcare industry managed to integrate a number of disparate solutions. However, the gradual advancement and incorporation of technologies have left healthcare organizations with multiple patient engagement solutions. Further, healthcare firms often fall prey to buying multiple software solutions such as event management, patient bill pay software, medical records, patient education, and others. The disintegrated solution platforms may address short-term challenges but ultimately result in long-term issues. Alternatively, a single patient engagement solution can offer a number of advantages to the healthcare firms, which have been discussed below.

Upholding Patient’s Messaging Preferences

When using multiple patient engagement solutions, it is difficult to respect a patient’s messaging preferences. The above issue is a result of a lack of interface between various systems, like an organization’s patient messaging system, patient portal, patient scheduling software, and others. On the other hand, patients can easily select their exact messaging preferences with a single patient engagement solution.

Enhanced Patient-Healthcare Communication

With multiple patient engagement solutions, it is difficult to maintain coherence and consistency. Such discrepancies can result in negative patient experience. Further, patients are also particular about how they are notified. For instance, a patient may wish for an SMS over an email notification. A single patient engagement solution can address the above issues and enhances patient-healthcare communication.

Simple Interfacing

A single patient engagement solution offers a simple interface to a firm’s source systems. Alternatively, multiple patient engagement systems incur the need to interface the systems with the PM, EMR, or other source systems. Moreover, such requirements also increased the risk for an organization. The above overheads and risks are eliminated with the incorporation of a single patient engagement solution.

Healthcare firms are realizing the essence of single patient engagement solutions and are gradually transforming their infrastructure to achieve the same.

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