Can Mobile Tech Help Improve Wound Care?

Advancements in mobile technology are making wound care easier with its features, including portability, convenience, and mobility.  

FREMONT, CA: Years ago, wound care depended on two core areas, dressings and infection control. But today, technology is all set to transform the management and treatment of wounds. Mobile applications play a greater role in wound care. Here is an analysis of the value of the mobile app in wound management and its implications for care.

When compared with conventional approaches, mobile technologies offer several advantages. In wound care, a mobile app can be used for various purposes. All relevant information about the wounded patients will be available in one place, anytime and anywhere. This means that there is no need for care practitioners to carry all the documents when they are visiting patients at home or bedside. As today's wound care has a multi-disciplinary approach, the communication between providers has to be simple and fast. Mobile technology allows providers to interact in real0-time while sharing accurate and updated information about the patients. Mobile technology is used to collect information, which can be shared will all involved. 

The conventional method was to carry reports in the form of written papers. Getting access to the latest medical information can be challenging. Mobile applications can collect all information in a single place and give access to care providers, whenever needed. Mobile applications can function with e-learning and decision support system tools like guidelines, care protocols, and all the medical information. Using mobile technology also allows care providers to have a standardized process for wound assessment and wound documentation. This standardization will make care delivery improved.

Today, cell phones and digital technologies are enabling greater patient convenience and compliance. Given that, more innovations in mobile technology that are focused on portability, mobility, and convenience will make strides in wound care. 

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