Digital Health Coaching: A Prescription for Improving Health and Care Coordination

Digital health coaching, steps in to provide patients with specific goals to work on, guidelines, exercises, and lifestyle management tools that could contribute to reducing their disease or illness.

FREMONT, CA: Digital health coaching platform Pack Health teams up with Glooko, the leader in diabetes data management and visualization, to augment diabetes health coaching and care coordination services with remote real-time data for blood glucose monitoring. Gathering data from Glooko's diabetes management app, Pack Health's coaching platform for chronic care management and control allows real-time visualization of participating members' blood glucose trends and management activities for health advisors. This also gives a reference point to help members link actions to outcomes in a data-driven way.

As the medical industry continues to advance scientifically and in technology, the time medical practitioners can devote to educating their patients about healthy lifestyle is still minimal. Doctors do not have the bandwidth to work with their patients on developing goals and making changes. This is where the industry is starting to look towards digital health coaching services to provide for patients. The personalized, scalable nature of digital health coaching can offer productivity, savings, and return on investment. For patients, digital health coaching harnesses current innovations and technology and couples it with advanced behavioral science to aid individuals in making better health choices. These programs are highly personalized, available round the clock, and cost-effective. Participants can change their behaviors.

Digital health coaching platform Pack Health combines evidence-based content, metrics, and devices to offer highly personalized, human-to-human support. Its model is proven to increase access, enhance the experience, and drive better health outcomes for individuals with chronic disease conditions. This translates to return on investment for clients across verticals such as health systems, health plans, employers, and CME companies. The company is a perfect solution to help employees, patients, and members live healthier and happier lives. It also provides social support and motivation that is essential to behavioral change management.

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