Eco-Friendly Oral Care: Is Solar Energy the Secret?

Green dentistry is the slogan for many dental clinics around the world, and solar energy is emerging as the enabler.    

FREMONT, CA: Due to environmental problems related to using fossil fuels, solar energy has sharply developed in recent years. In the current study, dental applications of solar energy are trending. Read on to know more. 

The first and new use of solar technology in the field of dental care is to kill germs and disinfect dental instruments. The solar-powered autoclave can turn water into steam without even waiting for the entire container of water to boil. It uses broadband light-absorbing nano-particles that can quickly convert solar energy to steam in an aqueous solution. These particles use more than eighty percent of the sun’s absorbed energy to produce the steam. The solar-powered autoclave can deliver steam at a temperature range of 115 to 135 degrees Celsius within five minutes in a volume of 14.2 liters for a period that is sufficient for the sterilization of medical instruments. The steam produces enough heat and pressure to kill microbes, viruses, and spores that survive in hostile environmental conditions. 

A solar-powered portable, self-contained dental system that contains chargeable battery is used in dental care. It is helpful for those dentists who provide services in rural and remote areas. The built-in solar panels capture the sun’s energy and use it to power the entire system. There is a solar-powered mobile dental truck too, which has compartments for eye tests, hearing diagnostics, blood tests, and dental check-ups. The vehicle’s lighting is charged by the solar panels on it.

A new model of the solar-powered toothbrush also is hitting the industry with several benefits. This model of toothbrush comes with a panel and a titanium dioxide semiconductor. When exposed to sunlight, the photosensitive titanium dioxide rods convert light into negative ions that blend with saliva and help decompose and remove dental plaque. It also works well on dental stains and can even clean braces. This toothbrush also has an antibacterial effect.

Just like any industry, the oral care sector is trying to use solar power to execute many of its operations. Thanks to dentists and researchers who are harnessing solar energy to come up with better dental care solutions

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