Fully Antimicrobial Touch Glass Augmenting the Efficiency of a Medical Grade Computer

An antimicrobial touch glass is creating a patented process that bonds the antimicrobial properties to the glass.  

FREMONT, CA: "EMR software is rapidly moving to a more ubiquitous touchscreen interface. Because of this, the way that medical computers are designed needs to change. Antimicrobial housing is no longer enough. Making a computer fully antimicrobial, including the touch glass, is the only way to prevent the growth and spread of harmful bacteria as nurses and doctors to patient charting," says Ali Bagheri, VP of Global Operations at Cybernet. Cybernet has launched the world's first fully antimicrobial medical computer. The company's new medical-grade computer features housing with antimicrobial properties baked directly into the resin. 

Cybernet now offers a fully antimicrobial touch glass, enabling the entire device to be 100 percent protected against the formation of bacteria. The antimicrobial touch glass will be accessible on 20", 22", and 24" models. The new product has been tested and received certification from the FDA. It has also passed the Fungal Resistance Tests for aspergillus, penicillium, and chaetomium fungi. The expansion of this antimicrobial touch glass is just an additional technological innovation that Cybernet has brought to the HIT space. This is the very first time that such technology has been implemented to such a large touchscreen. It is an essential breakthrough as EMR software, and touchscreen computers have become near-ubiquitous in healthcare facilities

Top Patient Monitoring Technology CompaniesAli adds, "Infection control in hospitals is a global issue that facilities are struggling with every day. Aside from hospital beds and linens, the computer is one of the most touched devices in a hospital and one of the most contaminated as well. Traditional computers can't be disinfected without causing damage, so the need for medical grade computers in 'point-of-care' areas is crucial. For us, adding an antimicrobial touch glass was the next logical step in protecting patients and clinicians."

Cybernet brings compact computers to a variety of industries, including Healthcare, Industrial & Enterprise markets. The company's mission is to provide the most versatile, reliable, and secure computers for their intended vertical markets.

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