How AR Innovations Enhance Medical Services?

The medical industry is taking advantage of innovations in AR to enhance various aspects of treatment and care.

FREMONT, CA: Technology-backed advancements are driving the medical sector forward. Augmented reality (AR) is a novel extension in the list of technologies that have contributed significantly to modernize the sector. The potential for advancements in AR will also bring about new opportunities for several professionals, including doctors. Embedded technology-backed AR devices are responsible for reshaping complex medical instruments, as well as vital processes such as surgeries.

Although AR has originally been linked with the many other industries like gaming, medical device manufacturers are also utilizing the technology for developing and modifying device designs and efficiency. AR can also enable surgeons to generate models and scenarios before addressing a risky operation. Here are some ways in which AR is about to influence medical procedures in particular and the medical sector in general.

• 3D Fluoroscopy-Based Systems

AR is also driving fluoroscopy, which is the primary way of visualization through transcatheter procedures for heart diseases. AR can offer 3D representations of the sagittal, coronal, and axial reconstructions. The technology also allows better visualization of several anatomical aspects during the operation without having to move the patient.

• Imageless Navigation Procedure

An imageless navigation system is another exciting application of AR in the medical sector. It utilizes a computer and infrared pointers to identify and mark affected areas on a patient. The computer processes the information and matches it to other referenced CT scans and develops a model that renders the virtual image of the chosen areas.

• Improved Surgeries

Surgeons use computer-based navigation systems like computed tomography-based scans to determine the complexities involved in surgery and to plan the procedures beforehand. Such navigational methods can offer 2D-3D representation to aid surgical planning. AR can augment the available imaging technology and allow the surgeons a better understanding of the challenges is specific surgeries.

AR is continuously molding various aspects of medical services. 

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