Healthcare Organizations Influenced by the Mobile Devices to Cure Patients

The technology disruption has hit the healthcare industry, where physicians use mobile health apps to treat their patients for a speedy recovery.

FREMONT, CA: Over the decades, mobile phones witnessed an evolution in their applications. The original portable sets popularly known as basic sets were the first to be introduced in the market for communicating and sending messages. But now the proliferation in mobiles resulted in the smartphones, that have multiple applications such as file and document sharing, clicking pictures, playing games, and all the e-commerce businesses are carried out through it.

The mobile health apps are creating a major reformation in the healthcare units by assisting in the patient's engagement. The youth who are glued to their mobile phones lack physical activity. According to a study conducted on cancer patients, around 85 percent of the patients were provided with Fitbits and Apple iPads. The devices were installed with a meditation app and a set of games. Surprisingly 79 percent of patients had a rise in their physical activity. Hence conveying that more and more smartphones that have inbuilt health apps bring a speedy recovery in the patients.

Managing pain by wearables

The emergence of smart devices in the market has increased the customer's expectations. The wearables have replaced many medical devices such as pulse rate checking, blood pleasure, and more. It is helping the physicians in the early diagnoses of the disease. In a report by Phoenix Children's Hospital, the iPads were made available in every patient's room, which had stored records and treatment plans regarding their health. Similarly, now, many institutions are taking up initiatives to help patients manage their pain by using smartphones and other devices.

Also, to reduce the pain, patients are given a tablet that operates with artificial intelligence (AI) software. The device provides an alert and delivers content on the screen to distract the patient when they feel uneasy. The music apps assist the patients in falling asleep as well.

It is vital for healthcare companies to leverage mobile applications to satisfy their patients and reduce pain. The mobile devices also help in connecting the physicians, nurses with the patients to ensure their medications, diagnosis, and other health-related checkups are performed on time. They are revolutionizing the healthcare industry and enhancing the patient's engagement, and eventually, the organizations may find better treatment methods by adopting new technology.

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