Patient Monitoring Made Easy With this Smart Health App, See How

Digital health care is evolving every day. Smart health apps are here to manage the treatment of patients suffering from chronic diseases.       

FREMONT, CA: Treatment Technologies & Insights, a digital health company, has unveiled the Wave App. It is a free new health app that places artificial intelligence in the hands of chronic illness patients. Wave App makes it easier for users to track and record symptoms and side effects, medications, sleep, and physical activity. It allows users to share health updates with their doctors and family members. The app has launched a unique feature termed as 'My Insights.' This feature works on an artificial intelligence analysis system, providing personalized insights on how specific actions like symptoms,  are related to each patient's overall wellbeing during treatment.   

App users can track more than 20 crucial activities during treatment and generate their My Insights based on the real-time data generated by their actions and experiences. It will also be shown in the Global Insights, where other users with similar updated diagnosis profiles can view different cases and experiences. Wave App is designed, keeping in mind, 175 chronic diseases like heart disease, addiction, diabetes, arthritis, stroke, depression or mental illness. This new health app is developed and managed by Treatment Technologies & Insights and creators of chemoWave, a mobile app for cancer patients to administer treatment. Wave App acts as a virtual advocate empowering patients to do everything in their ability to feel better, aggregating valuable patient insights to impact future care and innovation efforts.

Treatment Technologies & Insights develops software applications that generate treatment insights based on patients' personal experiences by featuring a higher level of accuracy. It is a digital health company that creates patient-centric mobile apps, along with corresponding physician care portals and research databases. TTI's technology and insight solutions improve patient engagement, increase efficiency and enable more confident decision-making across the entire continuum of patient care.