Here's how Data can Leverage Healthcare Information Exchanges

As one of the fastest growing segments in healthcare – medical data – through information exchange plays a key role in the industry.

Fremont, CA: The advent of data technology in the field of healthcare has enabled health services to be smoother, faster, and better. Information storage and analysis plays the key role here. Patient data, once collected, paints an image of the person’s health information while providing doctors the capability to determine the health issues and administer the right treatments as soon s possible.

As one of the fastest growing segments in healthcare – medical data – through information exchange plays a crucial part in the industry. In U.S., health information exchanges (HIEs) enable medical providers to securely share patient records and improve the quality, cost, speed of patient care, and safety. By leveraging the data, healthcare providers can provide better patient outcomes which are more efficient, accurate, and effective.

Data for Health Care Solutions

Healthcare information exchange has unique abilities that can improve both cost and care through healthcare data analytics. Healthcare solutions provide the healthcare personals and patients with information and data that can determine the best course of actions. Information reporting and analytics can help public health agencies support better public health and outcomes. Information is used in two areas - point of care and care management.

• Point of care includes doctors and pharmacists, who use the data to understand patients’ prescription drug histories, including the recently used drugs, diseases, symptoms, treatment methods followed, etc.

• Care management coordinates patient care that occurs at admission or discharge. It uses the information to track and analyze the most frequent hospital visits and those who have the highest total cost of care.

Such healthcare solutions can also perform the risk analytics based on the data collected so far. The different solutions provided by multiple healthcare providers can access the data that provides multitude of information on their respective patients. Advanced technologies such as machine learning, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, data analytics, or RPA can utilize them to provide better health options and outcomes to the patients via such solutions.

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