How AI Innovates Medical Care

Revolutionizing the medical industry, artificial intelligence empowers startups to develop next-generation treatments. Read on!

FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence provides opportunities to various industries and sectors for facing the modern world digital challenges. AI proves to be a flexible technology, which can easily integrate with existing work systems and perform optimizations for result satisfaction. Today, artificial intelligence plays a potential role in many medical opportunities like disease detection, precision diagnostics, drug suggestions, and more. The combination of machine learning and deep data analytics improves the resource and development productivity in the medicine and drug market. The growing market competition and customer needs encourage various AI-based startups to focus on developing innovative medical tools and drugs. Providing opportunities to the budding organizations, AI innovations in pharmacy and medical device development has brought revolutions to the present market.

Flatiron Health, an AI-based healthcare technology and service provider, uses machine-learning algorithms to analyze and focus on accelerating cancer research and improving patient care. The company offers products to connect oncologists, academics, hospitals, life science researchers, and regulators on a shared technology platform. The company provides a comprehensive suite of software and services to access billions of data and treat cancer patients across the network. The advanced suite holds abilities to analyze patients’ in-depth data and helps medical professionals suggest accurate drugs and treatments.

Tempus, the technology company makes precision medicines by gathering and analyzing clinical and molecular data. Powered by artificial intelligence, the company aims to avail personalized therapeutic path for patients and encourages them to live enables a longer and healthier life. Tempus creates customized and optimized treatments to harness the power of data and redefine medical care. The integrated solutions offered by the company can tailor the patients’ treatment according to their need, organize clinical data for each patient case, and present actionable insights with numerous clinical and molecular data point. The advanced analytics and machine –learning algorithms help the doctors or surgeons deliver up-to-date treatment options and access relevant ideas for the patient-based unique molecular profile.  

Reimagining the drug delivery options through artificial intelligence, Recursion Pharmaceuticals contributes in developing transformative new treatments. The company collaborates with data scientists, software engineers, biologist, and automation specialists to generate high-dimensional and interconnected biologically relevant datasets. The company focuses on developing novel treatments for diseases with its massive database of biological images and delivers the developed solutions to patients as quickly as possible. The advanced medicine and drug provider uses image-based approach, high-dimensional datasets of gene expression, proteomics, and metabolomics, to increase speed and decrease the cost of treatments. The smart treatment approach can precisely identify the right drug for the right patient at the right time.

Freenome offers a multi-omics platform with next-generation blood test feature for early cancer detection. The innovative blood testing technique analyzes the body's early-warning signs for cancer and incorporates a multidimensional view of both tumor and immune derived signatures. With the advantage of deep expertise in molecular biology and advanced computational techniques, medical experts can intelligently identify disease-associated patterns. Freenome’s advanced technology application enables revolutionary detection of cancer.

Clarify Healthcare solution aims to power the personalization and optimization of every patient care solution. The advanced medical solution provider delivers actionable patient-level insights to drive impactful treatment processes. The offered solution optimizes in-network referrals for the expert opinions of highest performing medical professionals, analyzes patients condition by predictive risk, and dissects total cost of care. The company helps to transform clinical development and market access by accelerating site selection and collecting integrated data.

A leading AI diagnostics company, IDx focuses on transforming the quality, accessibility, and affordability of medical care. The company develops AI-based diagnostic systems to detect diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, glaucoma, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, and stroke risk. The company’s AI system enables disease detection as primary care and access insights from advanced algorithms. The automatic detection feature provides immediate image quality feedback to operators while ensuring the quality of the captured image to make a definitive diagnosis. The promising results of artificial intelligence integrated into the detection technique increase the quality, affordability, and accessibility of care for patients, especially with diabetes. The AI-based diagnostic system proves to be effective in real-world clinical workflows by delivering results in less than a minute.

The clinical AI analytics platform provider, Arterys revolutionizes the medical imaging and medical care industry through ultra-fast cloud computing, advanced visualization, and deep learning. The company’s mission is to transform medical care by reducing subjectivity and variability in clinical diagnosis. The advanced platform provider focuses on bringing data-driven medicine to every patient, regardless of his or her physical location. The company uses advantages of deep learning AI with cloud computing to quantify and segment ventricles accurately as manual measurements automatically. The innovative solution creates a unified platform with multiple interfaces to access different AI imaging tools. The AI-based web platform makes the treatment procedure faster and more precise for doctors and surgeons across the world.

Changing the ways of medical treatment, artificial intelligence encourages new companies to develop next-generation medical solutions. Artificial intelligence addresses the challenges of medical industries by reducing the treatment cost, pre-detecting the diseases, customizing drug recommendations, and performing precision diagnostics. Medical startups and budding organizations utilize artificial intelligence to generate novel solutions and improve the economics of the medical industry. 

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