How is AI Revolutionizing Patient Engagement?

The use of technologies like AI and ML in patient engagement solutions are making up for the limited round-the-clock availability of healthcare professionals.

FREMONT, CA: The advancing technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning are enabling enhancement of patient engagement in the healthcare sector. More and more healthcare providers are turning to AI and ML-backed patient engagement tools to improve healthcare service management and delivery. Today, the reach of smart devices and internet connectivity is immense. Most of the patients have smartphones and are open to the use of technology. This has enabled the healthcare sector to experiment with innovative applications of AI and ML in improving patient engagement. Some ways in which patient engagement is benefitting with AI and ML are listed below.    

• Understanding Patient Behavior

Artificial intelligence empowers healthcare providers to engage patients through intelligent mediums that are capable of understanding patient behavior. By allowing patients to access healthcare through these engagement mediums, healthcare providers are able to have a better understanding of individual patients, thereby helping create a more satisfying treatment and healing process. The ability to personalize engagement boosts a patient's confidence resulting in an overall improvement in patient wellness.

• Responding to Patients in a Timely Manner

Intelligent applications are equipped to be there for the patient throughout the day. With AI and machine learning(ML), healthcare organizations have been able to build intelligent assistants that can cater to numerous queries from patients. Even during a health complication, intelligent patient engagement channels can respond and facilitate subsequent processes automatically. Thus, timely access is becoming a norm in patient engagement, thanks to AI and ML.

• Intelligent and Personalized Communications

Today, healthcare providers have the option of deploying AI and ML-backed solutions to keep patients in the loop regarding appointments, check-ups, medical examinations. Automated communication can act as reminders and keep patients informed about the latest developments.

The intelligence that patient engagement has attained is resulting in a significantly improved healthcare ecosystem as far as satisfaction among patients is considered. Even healthcare organizations are benefiting since intelligent patient engagement solutions reduce workloads significantly by enabling automation.

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