How Telemedicine Addresses Remote Medical Emergency

Telemedicine offers Oil and Gas firms an alternative to costly and time-consuming emergency medical services.

 FREMONT, CA: A medical emergency becomes even more urgent when it happens offshore or in a distant area where the availability of medical care services is limited. Even the highly secure work sites can face occasional medical emergencies, whether it is due to an equipment malfunctioning, oversight, or human error. The above scenarios are particularly common in oil or gas operations, which make it imperative for oil and gas organizations to incorporate strategies that effectively address care requirements swiftly and responsibly. Since most medical professionals are based in cities, telemedicine applications play an increasingly vital role in providing health care services for oil and gas employees working in remote locations. Telemedicine service can impart indispensable tools for medical care, disease management, and remote patient monitoring in oil and gas fields.

Telemedicine offers a number of benefits to workers in the oil and gas sector, not the least of which is emergency care. Timely evaluation and cure of a medical condition can reduce the probability of long-term damage that may come from postponing medical aid. Remote medical care service allows sick or injured workers in the oil and gas industry relatively faster access to specialists who can direct treatment procedures if needed. Unlike telemedicine, costly and medical transportation can prolong the time for getting treatment. In some cases, employees can be diagnosed and cured by remote paramedics swiftly with telemedicine, curtailing the need for an airlift to the closest hospital.

Oil and gas organizations also have a lot to gain from telemedicine services. Employers in the oil and gas industry are generally required to provide a certain degree of medical and health care services to their employees, but employing full-time medical staff can be both expensive and challenging. Several oil and gas companies have realized that they are getting additional benefits by choosing telemedicine services and are working with remote paramedics. Remote medical aid can reduce the severity of injuries and offset the incidence of long-term injuries, which is good for employees as well as employers. Minimizing work-related injuries reduces the legal as well as financial obligations linked with these injuries.

Companies operational in oil and gas operations face various challenges, but prompt and effective medical care must not be one of them. Rather than investing time as well as money into training and hiring medical staff members, organizations can use telemedicine to give their employees access to a wide range of medical assistance.

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