How Upgraded Wearables for Senior Healthcare is a Boon!

A new generation wearable for seniors can predict the probability of health declines in advance.

FREMONT, CA: CarePredict's third generation of smart wearable, CarePredict Tempo™ Series 3, is an array of sensors, ML, indoor location data, and complex gesture recognition algorithms that determine an individual's activity and behavioral patterns, prior to the health declines. Tempo Series 3 identifies the earliest signs of health declines in senior citizens, which appear as subtle variations in everyday activity and behavioral patterns.   

The Tempo increases human observation with machine sensing and learning by constantly observing and alerting on the variations in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) like showering, cooking, eating, toileting, sleeping, and walking. The latest generation of Tempo now has exceptional sensors that include a remarkably advanced motion sensor for gesture recognition, a connected heart rate, and pulse oximetry sensor using the most suitable technology. Tempo Series 3 makes the use of CarePredict's proprietary in a two-way voice technology like its predecessor, empowering seniors to communicate with their caregivers, near and far, directly via their wrist-worn wearable. Along with CarePredict's Context beacons, Tempo Series 3 offers room-level location precision and location-based insights and is integrated with RFID for electronic door access.  

CarePredict is an AI-driven digital health company, striving to develop technologies, giving exceptional senior care. The company is formed to resolve the challenges of providing care for the swelling ranks of seniors worldwide at the time when the number of caregivers and monetary resources for support care is alleviating. CarePredict is diligent about senior care, helping seniors grow old independently with a safety net afforded by technology. CarePredict's licensed solution uses advanced remote sensing technologies, user-friendly dashboards, and deep-ML to continuously observe, learn, and trigger just-in-time care for seniors.

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