Meet the New Miniature Medical Robots

Nono-robots prove to offer advanced medical treatment methods, including precise surgeries of delicate areas, making of smart drug capsules, and more.  

FREMONT, CA: Just like science fiction turning real, nanorobots are arising as reliable medical assistants, transforming the care delivery landscape. From medical robots to smart drugs, the integration of technologies in medical sciences is all set to bring shift the paradigm. Today, nano-robots experience rapid adoption by medical professionals, as these offer futuristic treatment techniques. Some of the advanced miniature robotic applications that benefit clinicians are below.

• Preceyes Surgical System  

Nano-robots help the surgeons deal with delicate areas such as the eyes. Surgeons are now able to remove membranes or buildup blood underneath the retina from the patients’ eyes with the help of preceyes surgical system. Preceyes surgical system is an advanced robotic approach for surgeons to perform eye surgeries more effectively.   

• Targeted Medical Therapy 

The advanced medical robots for targeted medical therapy are highly promising. These types of medical robots use near-microscopic mechanical particles to localize drugs to a specific target area inside the body. In recent years, targeted medical therapy is used to deliver radiation to the tumor-affected area and reduce the side effects of medication to the organs.     

• Antibacterial Application

Antibacterial nano-robots, a miniature bot made of gold nanowires and coated platelets and red blood cells, clear the bacterial infections directly from a patient’s blood. This technology mimics a bacterium's target and captures them in the nano-wire mesh when the bacteria get near. The antibacterial nano-robots take advantage of the bacteria’s natural responses to clear them.

From the past few years, nano-robots in the medical sector have offered solutions like wireless micro-surgical tools, motorized medicines, and more. Micro-robot in the future years is expected to collect tissue biopsies or carry drug capsules inside the body. Digestible, digital pills are also one of the examples of medical robot technology that are majorly popular today. The technology revolution has massively influenced the medical sector, and it is yet to bring new advantages in the future.

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