What are the Future Offerings of IoT in Health Care?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been in the limelight lately. Doctors, patients, and other medical practitioners are primarily dependent on IoT-based applications. The need for more applications is rising as one is witnessing the increase in chronic diseases.  The market for medical IoT is expected to grow up to 158.1 billion by 2022; IoT in this sector is all set to provide excellent services which are cost effective.

IoT is now more about healthcare applications. For instance, the wearables that are worn by patients help in detecting information of patients like glucose level, heartbeat, and calories burnt as well. This helps the physicians to keep track of the patient’s health. Applications like smart wheelchairs, thermometers, IV poles are helping hospitals and management to work effectively; the next-gen devices are all set to process real-time data at the device level.

Benefits of IoT

1. Remote Medical Assistance: This feature helps the patient to connect with their doctor. With the help of the mobile application, the doctor can provide instant medication with the support of this remote assistance by IoT.

2. Alerts and Tracking: Alerts come up mainly during life-threatening circumstances as these IoT devices helps in providing real-time tracking by gathering vital data and transferring it. The notifications sent through a mobile application act as a critical message to the concerned person. It also assists in tracking and monitoring to provide better services.

3. Reporting and Monitoring: During medical emergencies such as asthma, heart attack, diabetes, etc., real-time monitoring is possible with the help of connected devices. IoT medical devices that are connected to the smartphones gathers the data, monitor, and send it back to the doctor for assistance. As per a report, this process of reporting and monitoring has led to a 50 percent reduction in a 30-day readmission rate. Also, essential data like ECG, blood sugar levels, weight can be stored in the cloud with the help of connected devices.

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