What the New Online Job Analysis Search Engine has to Offer

MyAbilites has released its first online JobXweb.com to enable the firms to accomplish a comprehensive review of thousands of jobs.

FREMONT, CA: MyAbilities Technologies, which is a major innovator in smart health technology and workplace safety, has launched the first online Digital Job Analysis database, JobXweb.com. The free database offers users access to around 50,000 job titles, each with unique industry Digital Job Profiles along with a comprehensive analysis of the cognitive, psychosocial, and physical demands in addition to a detailed job description. 

MyAbilities is an employee health management technology firm that delivers transformative employment-concerned injury prevention and return-to-work solutions via a robust, proprietary, cloud-based data analytics SaaS platform, equipped with artificial intelligence (AI).

Firms can quickly scan through a simple and free database to conduct a comprehensive review of the demands of thousands of jobs across the industries. JobXweb.com is a unique initiative that offers easy access to a standardized evaluation of thousands of jobs, and to display the information in a clear, shareable manner. Users can type in their job titles or keywords, and the search engine extracts the job profiles providing the best match with a focus on dynamic visual information, making it simple to understand the job requirements regardless of one's technical expertise.

MyAbilities Technologies is confident that more visuals, greater detailed, continued expansion, and a new free version will help firms optimize their hiring and workforce tasks and automate their job demands analyses for the benefit of employees as well as their businesses. Leaders at MyAbilities Technologies believe that their technology laced with the specialized knowledge of their staffs will enable them to help users understand the demands of jobs significantly.

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