3 Technologies Taking Orthopedics to New Heights

Orthopedic surgeons take advantage of innovative tech-driven surgery solutions for improving during-surgery to post-surgery processes. 

FREMONT, CA: Opening new opportunities for orthopedic surgeons, medical technology has been continually revamping the way care is delivered. Brilliant medical solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), surgical robotics, and 3D printing, have more significant impacts on the treatment methods, making the surgeries more reliable and effective. Here is more to it.  

3D printing Technology

In recent years, 3D printing technology has witnessed massive adoption across the orthopedic sector. The technology offers brilliant opportunities for producing customized implants, medical devices, and orthotics from various materials. This technology results in better, long-term stability of the implants while improving the clinic’s portfolio encircling surgery success ratios in the field of orthopedics. From creating patient-specific implants to developing accurate models for pre-surgical practices, 3-D technology is one of the best surgical solutions of the present era.

Embedded Sensors

Top Patient Monitoring Technology CompaniesToday, advanced implants are used to enhance the positioning and post-operative evaluation for better patient care. Embedded sensor-based implants provide real-time information, which allows the surgeons to eliminate any chances of operational accidents or implant misplacements. The smart solution also holds the ability to reduce periprosthetic infection, which seems to be common in orthopedic practices. 

3D Imaging 

3D imaging has already gained massive popularity among the modern age surgeons as the technology helps in performing digital surgeries with minimum surprise risk during the operations. 3D imaging provides accurate and reproducible 3D standing models of the musculoskeletal system, helping the surgeons to make data-driven surgery planning for successful results. 

The emerging technologies hold the potential to offer brilliant therapies and medical procedures with an optimized and personalized solution. Investing in high-end technology solutions promises futuristic treatment abilities to orthopedic surgeons.

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