How Clinical Service Offerings Advances In-Home Patient Care

An in-home healthcare provider is offering clinical services to advance patient care, facilitating them to stay home and recover effectively.

FREMONT, CA: A provider of tech-enabled in-home health care, DispatchHealth, has launched Advanced Care and Extended Care. These two new platforms are additional clinical service offerings for patients who earlier required expensive facility-based acute care the potential to be treated at home. The new services will initially be provided through Denver Health Medical Plan and InnovAge in the Denver metro area. Advanced Care and Extended Care is ideal for patients who require an advanced level of clinical care that enables them to stay home and recover from their acute illnesses. 

The Advanced Care service offers patients comprehensive medical care in their home as an alternative to being admitted to a hospital. Extended Care offers up to 30-days of in-home clinical care for patients who are transitioning from the hospital but are still in the requirement of extended specialized care. The additional clinical service offerings provide qualified patients with an on-call dedicated DispatchHealth medical unit, comprising an internal medicine trained physician and a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. Patients get 24/7 physician coverage with remote monitoring, daily visits, and an emergency call button from DispatchHealth's medical team, including bedside nursing. Coordination of other standard services is also available for patients as needed, including physical and respiratory therapy, imaging services, pharmacy, and meal deliveries.

DispatchHealth has redefined healthcare delivery to provide on-demand acute care and advanced medical care for people of every age in the convenience of their own home. DispatchHealth's emergency qualified medical teams are equipped with the necessary tools to treat common to complicated injuries and illnesses. DispatchHealth operates intimately with providers, payers, health systems, and others to deliver care in the house to mitigate unnecessary emergency room visits, and hospital stays and readmissions.