How Precision Medicine Amplifies Patient Care

Precision medicine is enhancing patient care, enabling doctors to select treatments that are most likely to help patients based on a genetic understanding of their disease.

FREMONT, CA: A leading precision medicine intelligence company, Amplion has launched Dx:Revenue. It is a groundbreaking software solution, enabling test providers to identify ideal pharmaceutical partnership opportunities at the right time to advance precision medicine collaboration. Dx:Revenue is an extension of Amplion's core business intelligence platform that will leverage proprietary machine learning. This will deliver tailored insights into pharma and test developer activities. Dx: Revenue's platform draws from more than 34 million evidence sources such as clinical trials, scientific publications, conference abstracts, FDA cleared and approved tests, and more in real-time, producing prioritized and timely partnering opportunities. Such opportunities are a precise match between a test provider's capabilities and pharma's specific needs.

The rise of precision medicine for patient care allows doctors to select a therapy likely to succeed based on the underlying biological drivers of a patient's disease, improving health outcomes drastically. Before the launch of Dx:Revenue, drug, and test developers created new treatments that were forced to comb through millions of uncategorized publications in search of relevant drug and clinical development and biomarker activity. Amplion applies sophisticated machine learning models to the entire biomedical landscape to identify opportunities that precisely match test developers' capabilities and needs. The company's proprietary models understand the context within which a medical term is being used, allowing and test developers to identify research and development initiatives efficiently.

Amplion is a business intelligence platform that leverages proprietary machine learning and biomedical domain expertise to accelerate precision medicine. The company focuses on progressing the primary drivers of precision medicine, enabling companies to zero in on the research and market elements, making precision medicine a reality. Amplion offers evidence-based biomarker intelligence that supports the key strategic decisions that the diagnostic and pharmaceutical developers need to make to thrive in the upcoming era of precision medicine. A desire to save lives and improve patient outcomes using precision medicine inspires Amplion's mission.