New Portfolio of Therapies to Treat IBD Patients

This new set of therapies can address the unmet needs of IBD patients. Read on to know more about it.    

FREMONT, CA: A biopharmaceutical company, Prometheus Biosciences, has collaborated with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited to develop, discover, and commercialize innovative therapies for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), an umbrella term, describing disorders that involve chronic inflammation of a human's digestive tract. The treatment of IBD consists of the use of medicines and sometimes surgery as well, depending upon the type and course of the IBD. The collaboration of the companies will develop targeted therapies for IBD, leveraging Prometheus Biosciences' proprietary bioinformatics analysis platform, companion diagnostics to expedite development, and discovery.

The partnership with Takeda integrates the proprietary bioinformatics discovery platform and companion diagnostic tools. The tool was developed by Prometheus Biosciences with Takeda's expertise in gastroenterology and drug development to discover and develop up to three targeted IBD therapeutics and companion diagnostics. Along with the commercialization and development of companion diagnostics to complement the targeted drugs, Prometheus Biosciences will be accountable for the validation and identification of unique drug targets for IBD. Takeda has taken responsibility of drug discovery, clinical development, and commercialization activities for the resulting targeted therapeutics. Prometheus Biosciences, in collaboration with Takeda, believes that targeted, precision medicine approach will deliver unique, effective therapeutic options in IBD.

Prometheus Biosciences is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development and discovery of a wide portfolio of companion diagnostics and precision therapeutics for gastrointestinal (GI) diseases and disorders. The company has an extensive clinical biobank with paired longitudinal medical records, enabling the identification of new targets for the treatment of patients with biomarker-defined subclinical GI phenotypes.