How Smartphone Apps are Enhancing Wound Care

Advanced, smartphone-based applications are future-proofing wound care.  

FREMONT, CA: Access to healthcare has improved by leaps and bounds with the advent of mobile technology. The most exciting trends in the healthcare industry today comprise flexible and effective wound care, among others. Extensive smartphone penetrations, along with affordable internet connectivity, have contributed to taking wound care to the next level. Today, one can have the best of wound care facilities through smartphone apps. Conventionally, the healthcare industry had to provide services at dedicated wound care facilities. This necessitated an appropriately-skilled workforce, maintenance of facilities, and significant overheads, which resulted in higher costs for patients. With smartphone apps, many of these challenges have been overcome. 

Wound care requires accurate and periodic assessments of wounds. With advanced technologies, smartphone apps are now becoming aids by helping in scanning, monitoring, and managing wounds without the need for sophisticated interventions. Machine vision technology turns smartphones into effective tools that can document and measure wounds. Apps today are equipped to create 3-dimensional depictions of wounds in no time.

The use of apps rules out human errors in measurement and evaluation of wounds. Both qualitative and quantitative aspects of wounds can now be determined and documented through smart apps. The ability of smart analytics in apps also assists nurses. Subsequent treatment and care details can also be entered into the app to help maintain an electronic record. These electronic records are easier to access and contain all the medical details for wound care in a unified manner. Thus, keeping track of wound care is becoming less taxing and more accurate.

With smartphone apps stepping into wound care, the work burden on care providers is reducing, which leads to improved services. Thus, with smartphone apps, wound care is becoming convenient, cost-effective, and highly satisfactory. Going forward, the healthcare industry is expected to embrace innovative approaches through the deployment of interactive and assistive smartphone apps.

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