Novel Acute Care Services Enriching Patient Care

A collaborative platform is delivering 24/7/365 patient care by enhancing critical patient outcomes, reducing the length of stay for patients in ICU.

FREMONT, CA: One of the leading providers of high-acuity telemedicine, Advanced ICU Care has launched tele-ICU services with HSHS St. Mary's Hospital, serving a full-service health care facility. The team-up will engage Advanced ICU Care to provide 24/7/365 care delivery. This, in turn, will provide an added layer with an extra layer of support to the HSHS St. Mary's Hospital bedside team for the enhancement of critical patient outcomes and mitigate the average duration of stay for patients in ICU.

Advanced ICU Care provides HSHS St. Mary's Hospital with around-the-clock, proactive patient intervention, and high-acuity clinical expertise, mitigating bedside care team burnout by integrating advanced telemedicine technology and skilled critical care teams. This collaboration ensures that all ICU patients receive the highest level of critical care. Advanced ICU Care is thrilled to welcome a second HSHS hospital to its technology-enabled clinical care. This collaboration will deliver outstanding care for critically-ill patients at HSHS St. Mary's Hospital, hence improving outcomes. Advanced ICU Care is the biggest and most qualified tele-ICU provider in the nation. The company serves hospitals and health systems equally.

Advanced ICU Care is a pioneering provider of high acuity tele health services, helping more than 60 hospitals in over 20 states on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis. The company is a tech-enabled clinical services provider that employs multiple dedicated telecare delivery centers, cutting edge tele-technology, experienced US board-certified intensivists, and a proven deployment and client service approach to the interest of providers, patients, families, and hospitals. Advanced ICU Care team is gratified to serve as a leader in telemedicine and honored to associate with its clients in delivering the best of acute care to the patients.